Any of these [ letter item 1 to 4 above] skates around responsibility for comeback, because you choose to remain SECRET and we provide you that means. There is nothing wrong in that. In the case of lambasting the Governor,[letter 4] you have such a right, to talk about your elected officials. Some hold it is unethical to lambaste your authority figures. And if the law has to say, it will say you violated something. You might as well realize that some of what you are doing, remotely could get you in trouble. That is why you should only use our anonymous remailer, which protects your secrecy. Recognize where the limits are, even though they are unclear, and even though in even considering this, you may have already crossed an invisible line. Think so? Consider this alternative to the Dear Sally [letter 3]above:

Dear Sally,
I was having a drink with Joe after work. He brought up that he thought you had AIDS. Now I don't think that was how it was. As I understood it, you have herpes, and while incurable, it is not a death sentence. Get back to me, so I can straighten it out with Joe. ( sign it by her best friend)

This is libel, if told to a third party, with the intent of hurting someone's reputation, and it is untrue and you know that. Sending it to a third party, as a copy or FYI might change your libel liability, as might using the tone of inquiry. A direct communication between you, one on one, is not libel, no matter how torrid. It might be harassing, but that is of another ilk. "TV society" talks like its ok to talk about a person with infamous diseases, and about this, and that. That does not change libel precedent. Something like this might land you in some "civil" trouble. However, most cases of libel can never prove what damages were sustained, nor collect them. Nothing on this site suggests you should break any law. We are talking about how the law works, just like in law school.

GO AHEAD AND STRIKE BACK One way to vent your frustration is in an anonymous letter. It can be good psychology for you. It can benefit society.

You need only click on the heading above, and our system will put up an email with that letter already typed. You should change the detail needing changes, to fit your situation, enter the email, and hit send.

About our anonymous remailer. We protect your secrecy at all costs! This site sends your message through a secret chain of remailers which takes away the source it is from, and any details about that source. We do not tell anyone, which remailers we use. That is the first breach of secrecy in most other sites, which allow you to know which remailer it went to. Our secret remailer, sends the message on to the person whose name appears in the email box. There is no easy way for anyone to ever determine that it came from this source, or that you used it, or that we know about it. Using our modern remailer, insures that you are put at a distance from your message, because it is not in your email box. Truth is, most incriminating evidence is gathered about what one does to another right off their computers. No copy is on your computer to incriminate you. We preserve your secrecy thus. idngg gaspol168 liveslot168 sky77 mild88 luxury12 luxury111 bro138 gaskan88 garuda138 ligaciputra mantap168 maxwin138 psg138 vegas4d dewagame lemacau slotsgg vegas88 autowin88 vegasslot77 warungtoto joker123 autowin88 vegasslot77 login ligaslot vegasslot77 gacor pokerseri kaisar88 bonanza88 big77 kaisar138 sloto bet88 cuan138 emas138 tambang88 nuke gaming slot infini88 dragon77